History of Wandee Culinary Technological College

Wandee Culinary Technological College … Founded on August 12, 2536 (c. 1993) by Professor Wandee Na Songkhla This Institute is the first school approved by the Ministry of Education to taught complete home economics curriculum. The objective is to take part in driving food and home economics profession throughout the country and internationally. We also wish for our students to apply their knowledge with their daily life or future and current employment. Lastly, we wish to preserve the traditional food culture for the news generation. Our school has been trusted widely recognized by the public sector for our course and curriculum. Our course “Thai food to the world” for those interested in a food business and management both in Thailand and abroad are also licensed by the Department of Skills Development under the Ministry of Labor. With their aid, we also open the “Wandee skill testing facility” to certify the skill of those who want to work at a restaurant in a foreign country. For those who pass the test will receive a certificate in English from the Department of Skill Development Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to certify their skill both domestically and abroad.

The College has been approved by the Ministry of Education to open the vocational certificate and higher vocational certificate for the field of Food and Nutrition and the food business. We thrive under the hope to produce quality labour for the food industry like chefs, nutritionist, community developer, Food Exporter, Restaurant manager, Event Catering service, celebrity chef, Food stylist, etc. Our school focus on supporting the students in both knowledge and skills so they can effectively use it in their employment. The Education Management consists of theoretical and practical study in modern laboratories with fully equipped training and experience in establishments such as hotels, airline companies, Exhibition, Organized educational institutions, hospitals, and an educational environment conducive to development. Our college equipped with modern facilities to ensure an authentic experience of learning and work experience while studying. Providing a place for training and acquiring work experience is a key factor that Wandee Culinary technological College thrive to provided so that our future generations and our country will be ready for the ASEAN Community in 2558, then the Thailand food industry will truly recognize worldwide as we had hoped.


Train the future Thai generation to be professional in the food and hospitality industry both domestically and internationally.


  1. All our instructor and facilitator are encouraged and support to learn English to be prepared for an international curriculum.
  2. To create a community of academic and profession both domestically and internationally. To create and improve the experiences of our student
  3. The assurance of our system to create confidence in our system and curriculum.
  4. Encourage and support our student to have talent and ability in the culinary profession both domestically and internationally
  5. Promote innovation and encourage the blend of the culinary profession and technology under the international standard

About our director

History of Professor Wandee Na Songkhla

Professor Wandee Na Songkhla graduate with a vocational degree from Faculty of Home economic technology under the Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep and Bachelor degree in Home Economics Education from Suan Dusit University. She also receives a diploma for Modern Marketing Management from faculty of commerce and marketing, Chulalongkorn University.

Working aspect

Start in the year 2499, She becomes a teacher at Songkhla vocational college then she transfers to Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon Chotivej. In between, on the year 2525, she then receives the first order of Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand call Pratomaporn
Other than that, She also becomes a guest speaker at Royal Traditional Thai Crafts school for women in the royal palace under the program of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Princess Debaratanarajasuda till today
In the year 2536, She establishes Wandee Culinary school to promote the culinary profession and home economics to the public. The goal of the school is to encourage the public to learn more about home science and also getting a certificate by doing so. This qualification is open so anyone from any background can participate in the course.
Our short term course and the long term course has been approved by the committee of private education under the ministry of education. The purpose of these courses is to stimulate the labour industry in Thailand. With this purpose, she comes up with a list of courses include Professional Thai Cooking Course, Traditional Thai Cooking, Your Dish Your Choice, Fruit and Vegetables Carving and lastly, Thai E-San, Authentic Thai dishes: Northen, Southern and Northeastern. Once graduate from our course, the participant will receive a certificate of accomplishment.
In the year 2535, Wandee Culinary school got chosen by the Department of Skills Development under the Ministry of Labor to establish a skill-testing facility for the public. This facility is used to test the skill for labour and also being used as a profession test all abroad.
Since then, we have created lots of professional for both the domestic and international market. Some of our students have become a restaurant advisor and help generate Thai culture to the international as well.
On the other hand, the private sector such as the National Food Institute has taught the professional Thai cooking course to Taiwan and also hose a seminar for international entrepreneurs in Thailand.
In the year 2556, Professor Wandee Na Songkhla sees the opportunity in the new generation so she brings in a vocational degree in the school. By doing so, the Wandee Culinary Technological College was established to serve the vocational study. The College has been approved by the Ministry of Education to open the vocational certificate and higher vocational certificate for the field of Food and Nutrition and the food business.

Private Sector

Professor Wandee is taken the position of advisors for many well-known hotels throughout Thailand such as chaweng regent beach resort (Thailand), Kings Hotel (Malaysia). As she sees that the demand for Thai food knowledge wasn’t just limited to Thai people, she then opens an English course for foreigners and those who interest as well.

อาจารย์วันดี ณ สงขลา

Past Prestigious Works

  • Receive royal grace from His Majesty the King. To collect and compile the history of Thai food, volume 13, in the Thai version of the Encyclopedia of Youth, By the wishes of His Majesty the King
  • Received royal grace from Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhornม , the Princess Debaratanarajasuda to collect and compile the history of food culture with Thai people in different regions of Thailand in the youth edition encyclopedia, By the will of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Princess Debaratanarajasuda
  • Received a Royal plaque of honor from Princess Soamsawali, the Princess Suddhanarinatha as an excellent preservation and promotion of Thai desserts.
  • Selected by the National Women’s Council to be an outstanding Thai woman to received a royal plague of honour from Princess Soamsawali, the Princess Suddhanarinatha
  • Was honored by His Excellency Chanchai Chaunrueang, Minister of Industry Appointment as an advisor
  • Invited by the Department of Commerce Relations under Ministry of Commerce to
    • New York Commercial Center as a Thai food expert, disseminate Thai food culture in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New York, Denver at the Thai Gem Fair
    • Participated in the Food Fair in Hong Kong
    • Attended the Thai Mango Fair in Tokyo, Japan
    • Help promote and distributing jasmine rice in Taiwan and other countries
  • Invited by the embassies from various countries
    • The Hungarian ambassador and his Wife, in order to explain the royal writing of His Majesty the King on the 5th visit to Europe
    • The Embassy of Bangladesh, in order to disseminate Thai food to celebrate 50 years of friendship between Thailand and Bangladesh.

Past Publication

  • Thai food recipes in literature From royal writing of various monarch of Thailand
    • Thai food in literature From the poem, “Verse of Food and Dessert” The royal writing chapter of King Rama 2 (Thai-English)
    • His majesty Favorite food from the Record of Hunger in the reign of King Rama V, the 5th time Proceedings Europe in the Mediterranean Sea, 1897 (Thai-English)
    • Thai food in literature From the poem, “Verse of Food and Appetizer”A royal chapter in the reign of King Rama VI (Thai – English)
  • Thai food in Rattanakosin period
    • Cookbook for easy occupation with effective results
    • Cookbook for occupation, volumes 1 and 2
    • Thai side dish set (Thai-English)
    • Budget dishes
    • Thai menus, volumes 1 and 2
    • Great recipes at Khrua Wandee School, Volume 1 and 2
    • Breakfast
    • Snacks
    • fast food
    • Thai Salad food
    • Thai desserts
  • เคล็ดลับคู่เรือน เล่ม 1 – 2 -3
  • สำรับไทยสู่ครัวโลก Thai favorites to world kitchen (3 ภาษา : ไทย อังกฤษ ญี่ปุ่น)
  • ชุดหนังสือ Wandee’s book
    • อาหาร(วัน)ว่าง
    • ขนมไทยในหาบ
    • ขนมไทยเมื่อวันวาน
    • แกะผัก สลักผลไม้
  • Home cooking tips, books 1 – 2 – 3
  • Thai recipes to the world kitchen Thai favorites to world kitchen (3 languages: Thai, English, Japanese)
  • Wandee’s book collection
    • Meals to cook on free time
    • Thai desserts in street food
    • Thai desserts in the past
    • Fruit and vegetable carving