Higher Vocational Certificate in home economic

Course Type: Home Economic
Department: Food and Nutrition
Sub-department: Food and Nutrition

The objective of the food and nutrition department

  1. To make the student capable of applying the skill in linguistic, science, math and social science with their daily life and future employment
  2. To promote management and administration in the current curriculum, the information management to keep up with the change in society.
  3. To improve knowledge in the field of food and nutrition.
  4. To promote the skill in production and service of the food industry while sustaining with the environment.
  5. To help the student apply their knowledge with their field of work.
  6. To be able to adapt their knowledge with their employment.
  7. To allow the student to maintain a nice attitude, honest, endure and responsible to the society and oneself.

Standard for expectation

  1. Planning, execution, management and improvement of working principle while retaining the quality and sustaining the environment and safety.
  2. Able to use technology and become adaptable in the working environment
  3. Able to apply the theory about the knowledge widely in the food and nutritionist industry.
  4. Able to use management skill to plan and apply in the workplace
  5. Food performance and innovation base on the science concept
  6. Able to adapt Innovation base on research
  7. Improve the quality of culinary skill to the standard of domestic to international.
  8. analyze and find the solution base on the quality for food and nutrition standard.
  9. Preserve and keep up with the sanitary guideline
  10. Applied the skill with the new technology and work environment
  11. Adopt a good relationship between co-worker and customer.

The objective of the food and nutrition department

  1. Planning and managing the cooking activity include decorating, preserving, testing base on international standard.
  2. Planning and controlling the good base on the standard
  3. Improve the product base on the standard
  4. Choose or apply the right technology for the job

Emphasize on the real work experiences to fit with the demand of the market. Once the student graduate from our programs they can continue their study at many other universities both in and out of the country. On the other hand, they can also get an interview with over 45 places across the world.

Type of division
  1. The regular program uses Thai as the main language during the study.
  2. Mini English Program use Thai as the main language during the study for those in professional skill course


Department: Home Economic
Division: Food and Nutrition Co-Op
Sub-Division: Food and Nutrition Co-Op


  1. Focusing on professionally integrated both theoretical and practictional study in food industry for at least 1-2 food practitioners per group
  2. There are activities to help encourage students in developing professional food skills.
  3. Internship opportunity with leading restaurants and hotels both internationally and domestically.
  4. Experiences our course and curriculum which equivalent to those courses of the world class hotel management and training institute
  5. A food laboratory and comprehensive educational modern equipment that has the same standards as world-class kitchens.
  6. Receive a diploma of vocational education (Diploma) from the Ministry of Education.
  7. Have the opportunity to work in leading restaurants and hotels in the country and other 50 countries around the world under the cooperation agreement between us and our partnering college such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan and China etc.
  8. Have the opportunity to pursue study at leading institutions both at home and abroad in the network of the College.
  9. As the first organization to certify a branch of food restaurants in Bangkok From the professional qualifications in tourism, hotel, restaurant and restaurant professional qualifications
  10. Our college is a national skill testing center From the Department of Skill Development under Ministry of Labour


Department: Tourism
Division: Hospitality
Sub-Division: Hospitality Culinary

Objectives in Food and Nutrition Program

Focusing on practical actions and Focus on teaching the right knowledge to match with the needs of leading hotel establishments in both Thailand and abroad. After graduating, students can continue their study in Bachelor degrees with many universities, both domestic and international. And if they want to have the opportunity to be considered for work at establishments, restaurants, hotels, both in and over 45 countries around the world


Diploma, High Vocational Certificate Program, 2014

Department: Home economics
Division: Food and Nutrition Program
Sub-Division: Food and Nutrition Program

Course Name:
Vocational Diploma, Home Economics, Food and Nutrition

Degree Name:
Vocational Diploma in Food and Nutrition
Voc. Dipl. (Food and Nutrition)

Objectives in Food and Nutrition Program

  1. Planning and control the operation of cooking, decoration, packaging design, Food Inspection and quality checking according to principles and processes to international standards.
  2. Planning and to controlling food distribution process according to the principles and processes.
  3. Develop food products according to principles and processes
  4. Choose to use and / or apply technology in food operations in accordance with principles and processes

The structure of syllabus

Graduate Must study courses from various subjects in Total of no less than 83 credits and must participate in extra-curricular activities as the following is the structure
Adjustment course, For those who enter before finishing grade 12
12 Credit
1. Life skills course
21 Credit
1.1 Language and communication skills group
9 Credit
1.2 Thinking and problem-solving skills group
6 Credit
1.3 Social skills and livelihood groups
6 Credit
2. Vocational Skills Courses
56 Credit
2.1 Basic professional skills
15 Credit
2.2 Specialized vocational skills groups
21 Credit
2.3 Selected vocational skills groups
12 Credit
2.4 Practice, professional skills
4 Credit
2.5 A project for the development of professional skills
4 Credit
3. Elective courses
6 Credit
4. Curriculum extra-curricular activities
2 hours per week

Course List In Higher Vocational Certificate

Diploma, High Vocational Certificate Program, 2014

Department: Home economics
Division: Food and Nutrition Program
Sub-Division: Food and Nutrition Program
Total Credit: 83 Credit

Course Credit Required
Adjustment Course 12 Credit
3400-0006 Nutrition 3 Credit
3400-0007 Food engagement 3 Credit
3400-0008 Food preserving 1 3 Credit
3400-0009 Food and beverage services 3 Credit
1. Life Skill 21 Credit
1.1 Language and Communication 9 Credit
3000-1201 English for Business and Social 3 Credit
3000-1214 English for Catering Services 3 Credit
3000-1101 Thai Language for Communication 3 Credit
1.2 Thinking and Problem Solving 6 Credit
3000-1305 Science for Business and Services 3 Credit
3000-1404 Mathematics and Statistics for Careers 3 Credit
1.3 Social and Living Skills 6 Credit
3200-1010 Labor Law and Social Security 3 Credit
3000-1606 Systematic Thinking 2 Credit
3000-1607 Information for Learning 1 Credit
2. Work skil 56 Credit
2.1 Primary Work skill 15 Credit
3001-1001 Quality Management in Organizations 3 Credit
3001-2001 Information Technology for Career Management 3 Credit
3400-1002 Presentation Techniques 3 Credit
3400-1003 Creative Development 2 Credit
3400-1001 Seminar 2 Credit
3400-1004 Professional Management 2 Credit
2.2 Specific work skill 21 Credit
3404-2004 Thai Food 3 Credit
3404-2003 Food Safety 3 Credit
3404-2002 Cooking Science 3 Credit
3404-2007 Bakery Products 3 Credit
3404-2005 Thai Dessert 3 Credit
3404-2001 Nutrition for Life 3 Credit
3404-2006 Food Processing 3 Credit
2.3 Selective Course 12 Credit
3404-2121 The Art of Food Design and Decoration 2 Credit
3404-2107 Hospital Cuisine 2 Credit
3404-2112 Healthy Food 2 Credit
3404-2124 Western Food 3 Credit
3404-2120 Cake Decoration for Business 3 Credit
2.4 Work Experience 4 Credit
3404-8002 Apprentice 1 2 Credit
3404-8003 Apprentice 2 2 Credit 3404-8002
2.5 Skill Improvement Project 4 Credit
3701-8502 Skill Improvement Project 1 2 Credit
3701-8503 Skill Improvement Project 2 2 Credit 3701-8502
3 Elective Course 6 Credit
3404-2122 Catering Business 3 Credit
3404-2101 Food Innovation 3 Credit
4. Course activity 2 hours per week
3000-2001 Course activity 1
3000-2002 Course activity 2
3000-2003 Course activity 3