Vocational Degree

DEGREE: Vocational
Food and Nutrition 
3 years
1. THAI Curriculum
2. International Program Curriculum

1. THAI Curriculum :
– Vocational degree in Food and Nutrition, Ministry of Education, Thailand
2. International Program Curriculum:
– Vocational degree in Food and Nutrition, Ministry of Education, Thailand
– Certificate III in Western Commercial Cookery, Ministry of Education, Australia

Program Overview


The program not only places an emphasis on developing the students’ capacity and instilling them with morality and professional conduct, but also works in close collaboration with leading food enterprises to co-design the lessons in alignment with the regional strategy.

Objectives of Food and Nutrition Line

  1. The students are capable of employing the knowledge of and the skills in Thai and foreign languages, science, mathematics, social studies, health and hygiene, and physical education in order to advance their potentials and professions.
  2. The students learn how to incorporate the professional management principles and information technology into developing their food and nutrition profession, keeping abreast of economic, societal, and technological changes.
  3. The students are of the entire business acumens in respect of food and nutrition and valorize resources, energy, and environment.
  4. The students draw on the acquired knowledge in working for other food enterprises or running their own food businesses and continue their higher education.
  5. The students have positive attitudes and disciplines towards their work, and they must be of creativity, integrity, patience, social and environmental care and responsibility, anti-violence and drugs, self-improvement, and cooperativeness.

Program Outline

All participant must finish at least 103 credit and participant in the Skill improvement project:
1. Life Skills 22 Credit
These category consists of Thai, Linguistic, Science, Math, Social Science, Health and Physical Education
2. Work Skill 71 Credit
These category consists of food and nutrition related courses including Primary Work Skill, Specific Work Skill, Selected Work School, and Internship.
3. Elective Course
WCC design elective courses with all practical courses to enhance practical skills.

Course List In Vocational Degree

Course List In Vocational Certificate For The Year 2556

Course Type: Health Science
Department: Food and Nutrition
Sub-department: Food and Nutrition
Total Credit: 103 Credit