Bachelor's Degree Program (2 Year Continuous)

Continuing Bachelor’s Degree

  1. Dual degree (2 years)

For students who graduated from Vocational Degree or High School, you will study two degree in parallel within 2 years.

2. Higher National Diploma (1 year)

For students who graduated from Higher vocational certificate or Diploma, you will learn one degree for one year.

After completion, students will further study local or International universities recognized Pearson BTEC , UK curriculum degrees.

Bachelor of Food business and Hospitality

  • Higher Vocational Degree or Diploma Degree in Food and Nutrition accredited by Ministry of Education, Thailand
  • Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 4-5, BTEC, Pearson UK
  • Bachelor in Food business and Hospitality

Work and Study

  • Allow students to learn from workplace
  • Meaningful collaboration between world class hotel management and training institute
  • Emphasize on integrated teaching and learning
  • A fully integrated food laboratory and modern study equipment that is the same as the world-class kitchens
  • Encourage learners to gain experience through various activities to increase skills outside of the classroom.
  • have the opportunity to work in leading restaurants and hotels in the country and 50 countries around the world under the Memorandum of understanding with our college such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan, France, German, USA, and China etc.
  • Being the first organization to certify a standard for restaurant in Bangkok From Thailand professional qualifications institute in tourism, hotel, restaurant and restaurant professional qualifications
  • Being the national skill testing center for the Department of Skill Development under Ministry of Labour, Thailand

Bachelor Degree

Courses in continuous bachelor’s degree program

Course Category: Hospitality
Program: Level 4 – 5 Hospitality Management
Field of Work: Food and Hospitality

Total number of credits throughout the program:

1. Higher Vocational Degree : 83 credits

2. Higher National Diploma Level 4: 150 credits

3. Higher National Diploma Level 5: 105 credits